limousine rental with driver
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Limousine rental with driver

Notre location de limousine ou de voiture avec chauffeur privé est la solution idéale pour les voyageurs d’affaires comme pour les touristes qui préfèrent que leur transport urbain soit trié avant leur voyage. Nous proposons un service adaptable, personnalisé et fiable, doté d’une plateforme

intuitive et conviviale avec laquelle placer vos réservations. Que vous souhaitiez un transfert depuis l’aéroport ou un transfert en voiture de votre hôtel à une conférence, la location est l’option la plus intelligente et la plus élégante qui soit. Confiez-nous la logistique quotidienne de votre transport terrestre. De cette façon, vous pourrez vous détendre, sachant que l’un de nos chauffeurs professionnels vous accueillera personnellement à votre point de rendez-vous et que vous serez conduit avec facilité et confort dans la destination de votre choix.

Excellium limousine, the excellence of VIP transport in PACA

Our company Excellium Limousine located in Provence, Côtes d’Azur near Toulon (83) is one of the leading companies in the chauffeur-driven car rental sector. 

 We give all the experience needed for our profession to successfully deliver our services. Our company is specialized in VIP people transport and we realize that many firms are engaged in this profession for purely profit-making purposes. At chauffeur-driven rental vehicles Excellium Limousine, our goal is to ensure that the customers are satisfied whatever happens and under any conditions. We practice our activities with passion as we have to be a respectable company (Great Discounts for customers).   

We offer various types of services and benefits like airport and train transfers to your resort.  Shuttle service during conventions, trade shows, seminars, weddings from your palaces, gastronomic restaurant, or reception rooms. We can’t also forget the availability of Mercedes Class S with the driver, for your romantic walks, excursions, visit and discovery of the regional heritage. It is possible to find a guide-interpreter in the language of your choice when you visit the regional heritage. We are present on all events on the French Riviera and you will always find a car and its driver available at any time of the day, weekends, and public holidays.      

limousine rental with driver

We have built successful collaborations for several years on many events in PACA such as the shuttles festival of Cannes, MIPIM, Monaco Grand Prix, etc. Rent our luxury vehicles to large global groups but rent also sedan or stretch limo to medical repatriation companies around the world. The importance of our know-how allows us to retain a demanding client and especially to build more partnerships up to our requirements.  

With our address book and our concierge services, we to meet all your requests even the most absurd.

Choosing the services of Excellium Limousine rental of vehicles ensures your travel in the best possible conditions and especially in the greatest discretion with luxury and serenity. 

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